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for a-forger-and-a-point-man: “Meeting online AU”

Online dating is a terrible idea. Arthur only agreed to it so that Ariadne would stop hounding him to “get himself out there.” But his profile has only been online for seven and a half minutes and already disaster is brewing: he’s had three requests for pictures of his dick, all of which have terrible grammar, and Arthur is considering cyber-stalking them all and doing unpleasant things to their bank accounts and personal lives.

He’s questing around for the delete button when he gets a chat request.

“Hey,” is all it says at first. The name says “Eames,” and the accompanying picture is a deplorably-lit selfie, probably taken in bed, showing a guy with scruffy bed-head, obviously shirtless, tattooed, shamelessly duck-facing. Arthur moves the mouse pointer towards the X, but doesn’t manage to click before another message pops up. “Profile says you’re military. What unit?”

He debates answering, but decides there’s no harm. “25th Infantry,” he responds. “2 tours. You?”

“42 commandos.”

“Royal Marines.” That’s pretty impressive, even Arthur has to admit.

“Maybe we’ve met somewhere before.”

Now that’s cheesy. Arthur rolls his eyes at the computer screen. “I doubt it.” He’d have been more likely to a Ranger than anyone from Arthur’s unit; though anything was possible. These days, Arthur’s trying not to think too much about his military days, stay focused on civilian life. His therapist at the VA, Mal, says that’s probably best right now.

“Maybe you’d like to meet somewhere now?” Eames suggests. “I’m in LA on business.”

Well, Ariadne did say to get himself out there; and at least he and Eames will have something in common. That’s more than he can say for the rest of his options.

Arthur takes a deep breath, and types back, “Sure.”

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Took me a few times before I got it though. sob.


Arthur/Eames, “Ohh, Mr Eames” by LMC

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I keep putting things on my wishlists that I want these two to wear. Also Arthur is totally wearing a beanie, his head’s not weird and misshapen, I promise.

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Long Live Arthur & Eames

A collection of some of the best Arthur and Eames manips collected.

(I claim none as mine, all watermarks on the photos remain in place)

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Long Live Arthur & Eames Part 2 (Part 1)

A follow up collection of some of the best manips.

(I claim none of these as mine, all watermarks on photos remain in place)

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Partners in Crime

So I saw these adorable bracelets a little while ago and IMMEDIATELY thought of Arthur and Eames. I liked the thought of them as anklets for them though, a subtle jab at the ‘ball and chain’ gag that I think Eames would appreciate. Arthur would appreciate how he can hide it under his dress pants.

Hopefully it’s clear who’s who :)

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Reblog if you still ship Arthur/Eames

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@Anonymous "Arthur/Eames, Movie Theatre"


Arthur was trying not to think of what would happen if anyone from his high school came into the movie theater. If they did than they would definitely be able to tell that Arthur was far too underage to be sitting in the lap of a college student, especially one as burly as Eames, who already looked twice his age just because of his muscles.

It was why they had made sure to keep to the shadowy seats in the back. Or at least that was what Arthur thought until he felt deft fingers undoing his buttons. He twisted his head to look back at his boyfriend. “Eames? What are you—”

Eames silenced the rest of his words with a kiss, sliding his hand down inside Arthur’s pants. “Shush, darling,” he murmured. There was a sly look on his face that could only mean trouble. “You don’t want us to get caught, do you?”

Arthur scanned the rest of the theater. Everyone else was sitting up in the seats that were far closer to the screen. There were more than a few teenagers already necking, but no one had taken things as far as Eames had. In fact, no one seemed to realize what was even happening in the back.

Arthur’s breath hitched when Eames twisted his hand just so, his thumb running across the head of Arthur’s cock.

"You are entirely too lovely, you know." Eames’ lips were skimming up Arthur’s neck, making Arthur shiver in his arms. "How was I supposed to resist you?" He nipped down at the skin right behind Arthur’s ear, soothing the sting away with a swipe of his tongue. Arthur thought he was totally within his rights to keen.

He clutched onto the arms of the chair, knuckles white as he held off until everything exploded in a barrage of gunfire on the screen. Only then did he allow himself to let go in one heavy, drawn out moan.

When he came back down to himself the fight scene was done and he didn’t have too many qualms about sinking down between Eames’ legs. The only problem was the way Ariadne waggled her eyes at the sticky spots on his knees on the way out, which made him flush all the way to the tips of his ears while Eames laughed.

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